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About the author

Graduated in Chemistry; Master degree in Nuclear Engineering at IME; Doctor degree in Nuclear Engineering from COPPE/UFRJ; Post-doctorate in Physics at UERJ. Former professor of the disciplines "Nuclear Instrumentation" and "Monte Carlo Techniques" in the Master and Doctoral program of the Institute of Radioprotection and Dosimetry - IRD/CNEN. Former staff member of the International Atomic Energy Agency, a specialized UN agency located in Vienna-Austria. Former staff member of the Institute of Radioprotection and Dosimetry-CNEN. Several scientific papers published in national and international specialized periodicals.

In the Spiritist field, participates as an instructor in courses on basic works, mediumship and the correlation between Science and Spiritism, and seminars. Writer and medium.

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About the site

1. This site was developed for the purpose of organizing and presenting studies on the Spiritist Doctrine, being a vehicle for making available material related to classes, conferences and studies carried out.

2. The reference to the institutions where the studies were presented is only aimed at better organization of the material and ease of search. The contents do not necessarily represent the thinking of these institutions.

3. The studies deal with themes from various areas of knowledge under the spiritist perspective that would not necessarily be in accordance with current academic concepts and, much less, should be considered as being the only and final approach.

4. We recognize that many may question approaches to any topic that would not be in accordance with academic concepts, but it is important to remember that current science does not consider the existence of spirits and the pre-existence and continuation of life after the so-called "death", therefore, science would not be able to consider, for example, the spirit and other bodies (perispirit, vital body, aura, etc.), this task falls to the spiritists.

5. All material available on the site can be used to publicize the Spiritist Doctrine, we just ask that they be referred to the site "".